With ADAR,


your holiday can be care-free! For a total of 3% of the rental, you are insured in case of cancellation, interruption and Personal liability.Also, we offer you to sign Insurance ADAR to our partner Cabinet ALBINET for 4% of the sum of your tenancy. If you have booked a holiday rental, we advise you to subscribe to this insurance which will enable you to be:


  • Reimbursed of the unused period should you be forced to cancel or break your holiday,
  • Covered for damage caused by fire, an explosion or water. To be insured for tenant’s liability is obligatory under french law.

Be careful: you have 10 days until your commitment of rent to subscribe to the insurance You can subscribe for any property rented in countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Malta, Monaco and Andorra.

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You are looking for holiday cancellation, tenant’s liability (damage…), …

ALBINET agency via its ADUCIEL website proposes to you a suitable solution for your needs


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